Currently at Blossom we are offering 20% off ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diets. But what exactly is a fasting mimicking diet and is it worth it? A fasting mimicking diet allows you to take in specifically designed nutrients and calories while still convincing your body it’s fasting. So yes you get to eat real food and it’s all provided in your 5 day kit! The main mechanism at play during fasting mimicking is the speeding up of “autophagy” or cellular clean-up. The more cellular clean-up occurring in your body the better. Getting rid of “bad” cells promotes healthy aging and disease prevention. ProLon has been through rigorous scientific research and continues to be part of multiple ongoing studies. Fasting Mimicking provides most if not all of the same benefits of the more traditional intermittent fasting, without the side effects (fatigue, muscle loss, headaches).

Benefits Include:

Promotes Cellular Renewal – Rejuvenation

Supports Metabolic Health – Maintain Healthy Systolic Blood Pressure

Enhances Clarity and Performance – Greater Focus and Energy

Fat Focused Weight Loss – Lose an average of 5 lbs.

Want to go more in depth? Check out this great article!

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