Did you know that taking nettles can be a great adjunct treatment for your seasonal allergies? Consuming nettles whether in tea, tincture, or pill form is great way to benefit from it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, and anti-allergenic properties. Many patients report that taking nettles daily during allergy season resolves their symptoms better than traditional allergy medications. Want to learn more about the science behind nettles and their effects on allergies? Check out the following article.


Ready to try some DIY Nettle Preparations?

For the best information on harvesting and preparing different forms of nettle we recommend checking out Mountain Rose Herbs. Find out information on safety, when to harvest and how to harvest ethically. If worrying about harvesting isn’t your thing, Mountain Rose can provide you with many forms of nettle to work with. And bonus, they only provide ethically and safely harvested herbs. Check out their incredible blog post about nettles below!


DIY not your thing? Check out our Allergy Bundle!

We are currently offering our Allergy Bundle for 15% off. It includes AllerDHQ, RhinAllergy and Xlear Nasal Spray. AllerDHQ is a powerful allergy fighter and includes 200mg of stinging nettle extact.

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