SunSip Bone Broth now available at Blossom

Sip some sun. SunSip Bone Broth is made with local, pasture raised, 100% soy and GMO free bones.

Bone broth is the ultimate healing food! Most cultures throughout history have used bone broth, in one form or another, to improve health and support a healthy immune system.  Our ancestors knew best. Drinking bone broth gives us a convenient way to obtain an abundance of minerals and proteins.


“Let food be thy medicine….”


Here are just six of the benefits of bone broth:

1. Supports healthy digestive (gut) function.

2. Supports immune system and healthy inflammation response.

3. Aids in nutrient metabolism.

4. Protects joints.

5. Maintains healthy skin.

6. Boosts Detoxification.

Why SunSip?

Better Bones

Locally Sourced and Organic Vegetables

We Use Glass

Locally made, with love and care, SunSip Bone Broth is now available at Blossom Natural Health in 32 oz glass jars. For more info call Blossom at 360-834-2732 or visit


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