Blossom Continues to Grow! Introducing Brooke Beck, N.D.

We are so happy to introduce Dr. Brooke Beck, N.D. to the Blossom family! Dr. Beck comes to us as a primary health care provider with a focus on gastrointestinal disease, mental health, diabetes, and pediatrics. She provides women’s annual exams, postpartum wellness, well child check ups, and alternate vaccine schedule consults. Dr. Beck specializes in naturopathic family medicine utilizing botanicals, classical homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and clinical nutritional counseling to treat her patients.

Blossom has been growing steadily over the past few years and we finally reached a point where additional help was needed in order to serve our patients. We conducted a thorough search and we are really excited we found Dr. Beck. The addition of a new provider allows us to keep wait times for appointments at a steady state. Dr. Beck will be available to those who want to get in more quickly or have an urgent need when Dr. Distante is unavailable.

You can find out more about Dr. Beck here.

To schedule with Dr. Beck, click here to goto our Appointment page, or phone Blossom at 360.834.2732.

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